Online Exhibition, June 2020


I was due to have an exhibition in Shepherd Market, London, in June 2020, but it has needless to say been postponed in this locked down environment. But I've decided to hold an online exhibition instead, and here it is. 


Below are the works in my show. They are in approximate date order (most recent at the top): many are new, the majority are cut-outs - Matisse's methods, but not his manner. I hope you enjoy my lockdown pictures!


Pricing: I am applying a substantial discount to many of these works, to reflect the fact that I do not have to pay the costs of a physical show. I am also struggling with storage space, so have priced a few especially attractively -  see here.


The great majority of these works are framed: any that aren't are labelled as such. Note that this website automatically sizes these pictures, so what you see doesn't represent their actual sizes. Please see the Picture Details  for sizes, pricing, mediums and more. I can email you photos of a picture's frame.

Various terms and conditions apply - please read them before buying a picture  


Please contact me if you are interested in a picture, or have any questions.

01451 831727 (please speak clearly if leaving a message)