Some special prices


Like many artists, I am struggling with storage space. So, I have priced a few pictures especially attractively below.




Included are several cut-outs, which I love but I must create space somehow!


  Ataraxia is a big work (170cm wide), so particularly hard to store here, so I'm reluctantly offering it at an exceptional price. (Ataraxia is an ancient Greek philosophical (stoic/epicurean) concept, meaning a state of lucid, robust tranquility (something we could all do with at the moment, particularly), so this is a contemplation piece.) It has previously been exhibited at £2,800. 

You will also see several nudes, from realized paintings to colour studies.


These pictures are framed except where specified. Note that this website automatically sizes these pictures, so what you see doesn't represent their actual sizes. Please see the Picture Details for sizes, pricing, mediums and more.


Various terms and conditions apply - please read them before buying a picture.

Please contact me if you are interested in a picture, or have any questions.

01451 831727 (please leave a clear message)

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